Saturday, April 19, 2008

decision making (another ramble)...

today was supposed to be a fun-filled day for me. i will be island hopping later this evening and we will be having cocktail at sea while watching the sunsets and at night, i will be at Rumba to celebrate an ex-colleagues farewell (which according to them my attendance is vital to this event, the extent of these people would go to get me out from my comfort zone hehe). but awhile ago, another friend (yeah, aside from kupi there's another person who never gets tired of looking me up no matter how many times they've been turned down haha), Tom, invited me to join them for a function at Magellan today later this evening and i gladly accepted. but after considering my schedule, i figured that i wont be able to make it for the magellan function and i might even be late for my ex-colleagues farewell event.

so decision has to be made, i decided to turn down (once again) Tom's invitation cos i definitely wouldnt be able to make it and informed the other party that my attendance so far is still tentative.

well, life's like that. we never seem to get everything we want in life, we cant have or do two things at once. if we want something, the other thing has to be let go. everyone are free to make their own choices on which one to keep and which to let go, at their own expense...

but most people doesnt really look at what really matters to them, they only settle for the things which is easy and practical for them but not the important ones. and in time, they would regret for having made the decision and wished that things were the other way around.

making decisions are never easy, the external factors plays a major part in decision making instead of internally. people who trusts their guts always seem to end up happier than those who makes their decision according to what they're expected to choose. what's the cause of these difference? well, for starters, those who trusts their instinct can always say 'this is what i want and this is what i chose...' which, if things doesnt work out he has no one else to blame but himself.

then again, sometimes making decisions based on what should be done instead of what needs to be done can create a dilemma. we may want something but decided not to go after it because is against your principle or ethics. but if we think about it closely, if we really do need it that much than there's no harm in fighting for it right?

anyway, i myself have my own regrets of not fighting for the thing/s i need..but that's my fault and no one is to be blamed for that. for now, i'll just settle with what i have now :).

ps: geez, cant i come up with a rambling which makes sense? geez...hehehe

ciao peeps :)..

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