Friday, April 25, 2008

floods and frustration!

today has to be my most frustrating day this whole week. having gotten the news that i might have to cancel my pre-planned trip, i was stuck in a jam due to the flash floods which hit certain areas along the Tuaran-Inanam road. crap... the only consolation was, i was in a four wheeler and i wasnt the one driving hahaha. if it was me behind the wheels, i might've already screamed at everyone and everything around me haha (nah, i wouldnt hehe).

yeah, the flash floods were quite bad. cars were stranded by the roadside waiting for the water recede, school children had to get off their school bus and wade through the water just to meet up with their family at the other end (and the time then was already 7pm!).

it's sad to know that events like these are still happening in developed areas. with all these developments going on, one would expect that problems like this would be eradicated by now...apparently not :P. who are we supposed to blame now? the people or the government?

my teacher (yeah, like more than 10 years ago haha) told me once that flash floods are caused by irresponsible people who doesn't care much about environment through thoughtless littering causing blockage to our irrigation system. but for the past few years, it's quite obvious that everyone nowadays are aware of the dangers posed and has been more civic minded when it comes to cleanliness and environmental conservation. or are these flash floods a testament to our ignorance to be more civic conscious and that what we have been doing all these while are just masquerades to what needs to be shown?

or is it possible to say that all these developments are just a facade to show to everyone that we are living in a so called developed state when in fact we cant even overcome this constant pressing matter? it's strange isnt it that everywhere we go, there are developments around and most of these developments involves the irrigation system. nearly everywhere we turn, there would be someone constructing ditches and all but whenever it rains, the same problem would appear. so, is there something wrong with our urban planning schematics?

gosh, why do i even bother thinking about trivial stuff like this? hahaha. anyway, i arrived home safely and i shouldn't be complaining..besides, i dont have the rights to complain what the government does since i didnt even vote in the recent election..heck, come to think of it i havent even registered! hahaha. lets look at this as a lesson for our citizens' rights before really getting into the real fight hahaha.

ciao peeps :)...

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