Saturday, April 26, 2008


Plagiarized this from somewhere but somehow lost its original link hahaha.

1. First Memory
wtf? couldnt even remember what i did 20 years ago haha
2. First Pet
i think my family's first pet was a dog (or dogs to be more exact). but i was never much of a dog person so my first pet would be a cat which i found during kindy and snuck it back to my house. Mom didnt approve of it but i persisted to having that cat...stayed with us until it ran away (i think, or was run over by a car hahaha) huhuhuhu :)
3. First Embarrassing Moment
i think it would be when i was selected to represent my school for the children's storytelling interschool competition held at the state library. i wasnt the least nervous during the selection round, but when it came to the final round i couldnt get the words out and started crying haha. hey, i was only 8 years old then and there were other better storytellers than i was, besides..they brought their own props and i didnt bring anything to make my presentation more livelier (cos i didnt know we can do that haha). my first and most embarrassing moment became a permanent scar...i can no longer perform on stage alone hahaha (strangely enough, i never had any problem with public speaking hehehe).
4. First “Best Friend”
Jonathan Siambun. Went to primary school together and the friendship lasted until the angel of death  took him in peace dude...
5. First Night Away from Home
I think my first sleepover was every weekend at my cousin's place in Penampang :)
6. First Love
hahaha, my first love happened quite later in life...but i'll keep that to myself. no point in expressing love when you've been rejected hahaha.
7. First Unrequited Love
hmmm, there was this girl i had a major crush on. she was like a year younger than i was and it took me several months to get to know her and finally had the guts to ask her out. well, suffice to say...i did go out with her once and thats it (that happened with most of my dates then, one date and it's all over hahaha) cos i thought i wasnt good enough. well, i shouldnt have let my insecurities get in the way :p.
8. First Unreturned Love
hmmm...unreturned huh? isnt it the same as question 7?
9. First Kiss
first kiss was when i was 16 i think...but my first great kiss was...only for me to know hahaha
10. First Bike
when i was 8 or 9? couldnt remember well. dad couldnt afford us a bike so what he did was he collected all the parts and assembled it to be a fully functioning bicycle haha. wish i had his hands, i couldnt even fix a leaking pipe! hahaha (not that i've ever tried though hehe)
11. First Car
came with my first official job, which was in 2005
12. First Time on a Motorcycle
With my uncle when i was just 6 i was a groovy bike haha
13. First Plane Trip
when i was 22 yrs old hahaha. dont ask me why i was never on a plane before haha
14. First Trip Abroad
hmmm...havent been anywhere further than malaysia, so i'll skip this one :)
15. First Job
i was a salesman going in and out of coffee shops and other business premise trying to sell all these cheap stuff. it was extremely embarrassing and i should've quit sooner, but i just finished my high school exam and i didnt know what else to do so i decided to continue doing this to build my self esteem and confidence. and i made a right decision haha. i wasnt working for the money cos back then i didnt need much of it since i was more of a homebody hehe.
16. First Apartment
never had a chance to stay in one, but instead we rented a house during my college years hahaha. man...those were the days and i miss the guys a lot haha.
17. First Furniture Purchased New
does airbags count? hehehe
18. First Regret
being in an accident? shoudn't have been behind the wheels haha. then again, its an experience i dont wish to forget either :).
19. First Fight
hmm...with my eldest sister i guess haha (we used to fight alot!! right Gems hehehe)
20. First Big Book Report
never done this before :)
21. First Scar
on my head and only visible when i'm bald (yeah, i used to be bald alot of times during my secondary school years hahaha). an accidental gift from my eldest sister as well hehe.
22. First Surgery
that would be how i got my first scar hahaha.
23. First Hospital Stay
when i was born i think. was born 3 weeks premature so i had to stay a wee bit longer (if i'm not mistaken :)).
24. First Automobile Accident
driving downhill after our waterfall trip. damn.... :P.
25. First Trip to the Emergency Room
i think i was just 6 years old then when i decided to do something stupid like inserting a seed into my nose and couldnt get it out haha. good thing my dad was just leaving for work when he noticed there was something wrong with me and he rushed me to the hospital...i think that was when i had my first anesthetic as well hahaha
26. First Religious Experience
dont quite remember...wasnt much of a church goer then (and now) but i do believe in the Son hahaha.
27. First Album
Was it Jon Secada? hahaha
28. First Arena Concert
nope...never been to one :)
29. First Concert
i think it would be the KRU concert after the third day my grandfather died. while the others are still grieving, i was already over it and decided to have fun haha. didnt really like the group though but i just went out just for the sake of it :P.
30. First Movie That Scared the Shit Out of Me
not exactly a movie...Freddy Krueger: Nightmare on elm street hahaha
31. First Movie I Saw More Than Once
The willow
32. First Theft
stole some money from my mom/dad to just to buy stuff from the canteen hahaha.
33. First Run-In with the Law
good thing i'm clean :)
34. First Vote in a Public Election
I havent even registered!! hahaha
35. First Public Nudity
No way!
36. First Time Being Drunk
16 or 17 (couldnt remember) haha.
37. First Death of Family Member or Friend
weird...i couldnt recall any 'first' death
38. First Illegal Drug Use
marijuana..just for fun. it didnt even affect me the least! while everyone was laughing their ass out for no apparent reason, i was left there staring and wondering what the hell are they thinking hahaha.
39. First Funeral
i couldnt recall..
40. First Wedding
I think an aunt & uncle? Fuzzy memories hahaha
41. First Time I Felt “Like an Adult”
when i left home for college hahaha...
42. First time I Grieved
i dont quite remember...but it has something to do with my pet dying hahaha
43. First Forced Apology
dont remember...
44. First Time I Was Impressed with Myself
how i stood up for myself when i had my first fight with a classmate (i was 12 years old and since, no one ever dared to lay their hands on me hahaha).
45. First Bad Haircut
this happened quite a lot...couldnt recall the first one hahaha. Besides, i'm not much of a hair person :).
46. First Time Being Grounded
i dont think i was ever grounded cos...there's no point in grounding me when i'm always at home hahaha
47. First Piece of Clothing I Loved
i think my boxers hahaha
48. First Realization that Not Everyone Else is Like Me
Uh, birth? haha
49. First Computer Encounter
i think i when i was just 7 or 8. went over to my cousin's place who was like 10 years older than i was and he showed me how to use it :)
50. First Fight With A Teacher
hahaha, when i was 17. i was really in a rebellious stage, when my teacher called me up front for having long hair and threatened to cut it off i took matters into my own hands. i grabbed the scissors, started cuttting my own hair while looking straight at him in front of the entire class, slammed down the scissors and said 'satisfied?' and walked back to my desk. i think he didnt quite expect a reaction from me since i was always the good kid (heck, i was the assistant class and lab monitor haha), and all he can say is...'you're gonna regret this, you will not pass your exam until you apologised'...well, guess what..i failed my exam and i didnt even apologised although my guilty conscience was eating me inside hahaha. but i made my peace with him when i left though :).

there you go...50 first times stuff about me hahaha. ciao peeps..gonna be at a friend's place for a drinking session...been a week since i last had any hahaha.



dopeymooke said...

yeah bro...we definitely fought damn hell alot man...sampai scars here and there....buaahaha...but ur first scar was unintentional fact u got that scar masa kita main pusing2 deiii.....

and ur first drug use...pun sama2 a certain cousin punya rumah nfgeh ngeh..and btw, i was not among them who laughed for no reason....i was like.."errr...what's so funnny?"...deiiii..

sekian terima kasih...

JerryInc said...

haha, i know lah the scar was rasa sa masi ingat muka takajut ko tu and mommy nangis2 panic suda, you have no idea brapa bising mommy dlm kreta time sa kena bawa pi hospital..mcm nangis mati anak jak hahaha, good thing dad cool sija :P.

no lah, my first drug use was sma si samson and dia punya kawan lah hahahaha