Sunday, May 18, 2008

monday off day rambling :P

was gonna write something about why people need other people, but after completing the draft, i found out the explanation i came up with sounded somewhat harsh and very much negative haha. so in light of this, i'll just keep it in my draft until the right time comes for me to publish it :).

but as i was browsing through net for some supporting details i came up with something much more interesting and most people would get bored by this kind of subject..psychology haha. i've always been interested in psychology, and i would've ventured into psychology if there was a market for it here haha, the science of how human behavior and how the mind works has always intrigued me even when i was still a kid. come to think of it, there were few topics which has always interested me: psychology (any branch of it hehe), social science, anthropology, tourism, hospitality, archeology (especially Greek and Egyptian historical findings, that includes their mythology) astronomy, philosophy and mainstream science such as biology hehe. Sadly enough, my brain is just not equipped to handle this kind of subjects (or does it? hehe).

anyways, what exactly is psychology? well, it's a science which deals with mental processes (human mind) and behaviors which seeks to understand and explain thoughts, emotions and behaviors. the word itself is derived from the word Greek word 'psyche' meaning 'soul' or mind'
and evolved out of philosophy and biology (hmm, that much explains my interest in this subject :)).

from psychology, several schools of thoughts has been formed to explain the inconsistencies of explanations provided from earlier research or findings. but what i'm very much interested to jot here is the existential psychology and the reason behind this choice is because, most of us must've questioned our own existence somewhere along our lifetime.

Existentialism in every way refers to human life with existentialism and humanism being similar but not the same. most humanists see people are basically good (that's where the word humane came from) while existentialist view human nature as neutral and being good or bad are just personal choices.

as i was saying, most of us must've wondered who we are or what we are? we know we are human beings but what does that account for? what is a human being? several school of thoughts or other theories has their own definition or explanation to this question. and there isnt any accurate definition nor wrong definitions. basically, the explanations that they come up with are based on their own personal observation and experiences and since humans are individuals who doesnt really have the same view on everything around us, the explanations are bound to differ from one another. know what, if i were to rant more into this subject i might be writing more than a page and by the time you're done with the first page (or in mid reading the first page hehe) you might have fallen asleep because of boredom hahaha.

so my own conclusion to this existentialism paradigm is, we are who we are. our experiences and surroundings either shapes or breaks us muahahaha....geez..been quite sometime since i last read stuff like these..hehe

hasta luego pueblo...


Denitsa said...

"we are who we are. our experiences and surroundings either shapes or breaks us"
very right...
though in any case, "we are" is kind of enough, because shaped or broken we still are and we still feel and think and generally are humans.

JerryInc said...

aww do know that a guy always feels threatened around smart ladies like you, dont you? :)

i've read your blogs and i liked it...which brings me to my next dumb question. how long more can this world survive until its swallowed by the black hole hehe...this world really needs a major makeover :)

ps: install a shoutbox in your blog, at least i can msg you with anything idiotic at anytime instead of dropping comments :)