Saturday, May 17, 2008


drunk, happy and touched...thats all i can say about tonight. received an unexpected message causing happy and touched tears to flow!!

before i leave, am gonna leave you to ponder on this question...what makes people to rely or need other people?..

goodnight peeps, will give my opinion tomorrow hehe...buenas noches pueblo...


Denitsa said...

In the abstract sense, we need others to know who we are. Because you may think you know yourself and you meet someone and within a minute you notice a side of you that you haven't even suspected. In positive or negative sense.

On practical level-we need to rely on others, because first, we can't do everything alone-even if you try, it either takes too long to matters or simply doesn't happen.
And second, because having others around us is more fun :) I mean, sure, we can do anything we want alone, but if we have no one to share it with( or to show off) it won't make sense.
We only measure ourselves by others. And again, it's so much more fun to communicate with other human beings. Even when they piss you off :)

JerryInc said...

hey denitsa,thanks for the comment. you should've waited until i was ready to post more on this topic hehe. i held back from posting cos i wasnt sure whether the public is ready to read my opinion hehe :).

Denitsa said...

Haha, of course, we're ready :) And even if we aren't, it's your blog :)