Friday, June 13, 2008

arrrghhh..just being dramatic here hehe

Had a chance to try out the German French dining at Gunther's last night (yeah Mel, finally went there and the article you wrote in the magazine about the place and food are pretty much accurate..especially the food hehehe) and my personal opinion of the was fabulous and deliciously satiating! i do regret not bringing my camera along though or else i would've taken some food shots and share with you what i had hehehe. but one thing i like the most about the place are the sausages, man..i have never tasted any good sausages before here in KK!!

there isn't much to say about the establishment though as i find the exterior a bit too crowded and the interior feels somewhat confining hehe, then again, what more can be expected from a residential house partly converted into a restaurant :p. point in going much into the details as i dont have any pictures to support my claims hehehe, but do believe me when i say that the food is great :).

was thinking about having a restful sleep as i didn't get enough the day before, but invitations from my separate group of friends kept me awake and i was left contemplating which group to join for an enjoyable night hehe.

the first invitation was to have a leisurely drink at my soon to be relative's newly completed house in Penampang and the second invitation was more or less the same except it's in Hunter's bar. basically, i was torn between which group to i weighed my options. if i were to join the group at Hunter's, i would've to drive home all the way intoxicated and i dont think i wanna do that...but at the same time, i'd like to spend some quality time with the group. and if i were to drink in Penampang, i would be with my old group whom i used to hang out with for the past 6 years and they've always known that i much prefer drinking in a house where there's an available place to crash in case i do get drunk i contemplated, considered and finally decided to drink in Penampang, hey..i have a place to crash and i dont have to drive home okay!! hehehe...(sorilah mesh, jr, gidong hehe)

we started drinking slightly after 10.30pm, and i thought of having a good rest before 12am..but the long talks and drinking kept us awake until 3 am hahaha, and frankly i am jotting this entry i can really feel my head throb hahaha, Chivas and beers really doesn't mix well harharhar...

anyway...a correspondence last night kept me thinking until running away your reason to start over and re-invent yourself or are you really thinking about what's good for everybody? then again...the only reason why people run away from their problems is only because they couldn't find the right solution to deal with them..right peeps? hehehe

mood: head throbbing, confused and feels alot like i've been run over by a 10 ton truck..go figure hahaha


XiGorX said...

sepa paksa ko mau datang..deiii..hahaha

JerryInc said...

owh...baiklah kalau gitu hehehe