Saturday, June 14, 2008

ramblings after 7 hours of nap hehe

i learned one new thing today, that emotions are contagious because someone else's feelings can affect your own...and after all these while i thought that i couldn't be bothered with it...

had a good few hours sleep since this afternoon after coming home from work and a solo shenanigan at a pub last night didn't leave me with a hangover which is quite good or else i won't be able to work well today hehe. restful as my nap was, my dreams were somewhat undesiring. i dreamt i lost my necklace and my ring haha, sounds insignificant right? and i dreamt of the past events in my life but somewhat blurred and tainted with stout hahaha.

went to a funeral today..and i thought i was there for emotional support to a friend (which wasn't needed) and to a colleague whose brother had just passed. but as i sat there looking at the others crying, looking at all the siblings shedding tears..i couldn't help myself but feel the pain or whatever they're feeling from a distance. it sucked alot...i've been generally empathic with everything around me lately and i knew i shouldn't have come to the funeral, then again...i'm probably not self centered as i thought i was :P.

anyhow..had a good time before going to the funeral. we had the MAH (Malaysian Association of Hotels, Sabah Chapter) Rafting Competition and just like last year, our hotel won the race hehehe. wouldn't be there if my boss didn't ask me to take photos of the event and i would be taking morephotos tomorrow for the Dragon Boat race again...damn...

good night peeps..

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