Sunday, June 15, 2008

clarity from 5 hours of nap :)

this time i had a 5 hours afternoon nap from 2pm until 7pm and i would've probably slept the night through if i wasn't woken up for the Father's Day dinner with my family. the moment i woke up, i felt at peace.. an indescribable feeling of calmness as if the crashing waves has ceased to create havoc and confusion from within, this may probably be temporary but i do hope the moment of clarity this time would last.

i think i'm back on track on my career path, just waiting for the opportunity to be one level above than i am now. my own demons and stupidity has pulled me back from my initial goals and i intend to change everything back the way it was before :). i've been spending time sulking and complaining of my own worth and everything around me that i failed to realize all the available options i held back thinking preserverence would probably win the things i wanted. anyhow, tables have turned and i'm now back on my own two feet. no more relying on anybody, at least, if anything does go wrong..i have no one else to blame but myself :).

things are looking up to me now, seems that good prospects are right ahead in terms of relationship and some other stuff. maybe it is true...when a door closes another window opens, and it is only up to us to decide whether to grab the chance or just let it go...think wisely and the right choice will definitely come up :).

good night heading to bed early again tonight, hmm..maybe i am getting old hahaha.

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