Sunday, June 8, 2008

Decisions and Confusions...

Decision making is another facet of life which we constantly have to go through in the course of our living years. And for some, a simple yes or no to every decision making point is not as easy as it seems.

over the years, we have encountered numerous events and situations which requires careful considerations for better outcome of what is decided. in some aspect, coming to a decision and getting on with it can be relatively easy and in certain areas, even after deciding what needs or should be done for the best can leave an impact on an individual...and in time, irregardless of whether we made the right choice or not, we are still left with that empty feeling of having made the wrong choice and in that instant, we realize would be better to stick with the wrong decision then having to regret it in the future.

the questions then remains, if a right decision has been made only to feel lost and empty, how do we know how to make a right decision? can a right decision be the wrong one? what are we supposed to base our decisions on? gut feelings, instinct or past experiences?

these crossroads can truly be a dilemma. if a right decision can feel so wrong and the wrong ones can feel so right, isn't it safe to say that there aren't any right or wrong decisions in life? what matters is how we feel in the end, we know we've made a grave decision when we feel like crap after making it.

but if we look deeply into ourselves and ask what is it do we really want, the answer can be right under our nose. if you think that you can't let go of the one thing which brings meaning to your life cos if one day, that one thing precious were to disappear and you can't bear the fact of living without it's presence, it is apparent what your choice would or should be like.

but then most of us still fear making a decision, we fear of not knowing what would happen if we did make that move, we fear that everything would change once we have finally decided on what should be done, and we fear of the repercussions..

well, life's like sucks, but in time someone or something will come to your life and show you the other side of what you can only dream of and bring meaning to your seemingly dark and meaningless journey of life. the myriad of emotions such as happiness, anger, love, hatred, etc all blends in to form an alternate confusing world of euphoria and confusion. but hey, look at the bright least you have experienced it while others are still searching and yearning to feel what you're feeling. so for the time being, cherish the moments while it lasts..and whatever decision you have come to, be reminded that there would be obstacles along the way and going through and overcoming the obstacles are part of what makes the decision more worthwhile.

hmmm...another senseless ranting on a Sunday have a good day now okay :)..

hasta luego...

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