Saturday, June 28, 2008

hungover ramblings...

f***ing crap...went out drinking last night and it felt like it has been ages since i last did. everything went smoothly at first, and the next thing i knew...i was already on my couch with a can of beer on the table, don't even remember the journey back home hehehe...

i kinda knew going out with the group last night wouldn't be a good idea cos the moment i stepped into the place i was already feeling lonely and somewhat depressed, but i did..for one special reason, which i will keep it to myself :). i somehow knew what or how would i be in that state of mind when i do get drunk but ignored it completely thinking whatever happens, happens..something i learned from a certain someone :).

anyhow, am having a bad hangover right now and the last drink i remember drinking was a glass of stout which i think i didn't even finish hahaha. i dont think i drank that much, it's a wonder how i got to be drunk :P.

will update more later, gonna sleep off the throbbing in my head. i'm off this morning but will be working this evening...damn you monthly medals!! hehehe

ciao....i suddenly have the urge to apologize...i'm sorry for what i did.. wtf??!!!hahaha.

mood: craving for susu kacang sejuk hahaha

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