Thursday, June 26, 2008

after hours rambling :)

just finished entertaining my media for today and feeling a bit tired. we practically spent half the day at the beach taking shots with the sunset as our finale.

watching the sun set beyond the horizon, the clear lutescent sky with hues of azure was a temporary relief to the confusing turbulance i was experiencing within since this afternoon. i dunno why, but as the sun totally dissapeared from view leaving just trails of its afterglow, i began to wonder the beauty in everything and everyone...but only for a good few minutes because whatever i was thinking suddenly dissappeared the moment i returned to reality and realized that reality sucks! hehe...

frankly, being at the beach somewhat reminds me of that certain someone and i have no idea why, it's not like we spent most of our time at the beach...geez...and for a moment i did feel a bit melancholic, and the wish for everything to be the same as it was before overwhelmed the rationale and realistic side of me. i kinda learned the hard way that some things are just not meant to be no matter how right it feels because it takes two to make things work :).

anyhow, was thinking of going to the lobby lounge for a drink or two, but if i were to look back and reflect...that place holds a memory i dont think i will ever forget haha cos that's the place where it all started :). but you know what, maybe i can ignore that for the time being. i deserve to have a good time after a tiring day at work hahaha...

anyway, do listen the song by Luther Vandross titled 'I'd Rather' before signing off. look it up in my playlist and judge the song yourself. this is an example how a good song and great lyrics makes a hit (browse the lyrics yourself in the net hehehe) :).

time now is 9.58pm, so...Goodnight peeps and may you have the sweetest dreams tonight :)...


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