Thursday, June 26, 2008

babblings of an idiot hehehe

been keeping myself busy for the past couple of days, but instead of complaining i'm actually having fun with what i'm doing :).

one thing about being occupied with work is that it gets your mind off stuff, stuffs that you can't afford to think about, depressing and sad things. but in doing so, other areas are affected as well such as having fun, being short, living life.

i'd love to say that i'm living a life, but the question to ponder on is..what kind of life? do i want to live a boring and dull life or do i want to go at it the other way around? i dunno, i'd love to go for the latter but come to think of it, is it necessary? my answer is...not really.

i am living a life, although not the one i wanted but the point is, i am living it up and working my way around on what is presented in front of me. most of the time it sucks, but if we are to look for the silver linings, even the little things would mean a lot. and that's what i'm doing now, finding that silver lining in everything i do and looking things half full. but if i were to keep up the optmisim, wouldn't i be living a lie by not acknowledging the real situation? wouldn't i be deceiving everyone by putting up a perky and positive self presentation? well, who knows right hehe.

sometimes living isn't about having fun or being happy all the time, living isnt about doing the things that we want. what living really means is knowing what life is all about, not only our own but each and everyone's, and experiencing every possible emotions we can conjure up. we don't have to do death defying activities to know that we're alive, we dont have to mingle around or chat up with anyone we meet up to prove our existence.

we can live the life we want to from someone else's eyes and experiences, although personal experiences are priceless but learning from other's experiences should be well worth it as well for what they can show us can be equally rewarding in many sense.

what am i babbling here!!?? hahaha. just another selfish insight from a reclusive hermit :)). owh and yess...just so you know, I LEFT MY BLOODY MOBILE AT HOME, how idiotic can someone be!! hahaha

ps: i haven't reached the point of being suicidal............ yet hahahaha

good afternoon peeps :)..


urang ranau said...

"we dont have to mingle around or chat up with anyone we meet up to prove our existence" - ya rite,but what if u were in my shoes (ya high heels), klu ko di tmpt sia..mgkn ko ter muntah masam, tiap ari sia bckp sama diri sndiri,bgaduh sama diri sndiri, ya i've been doing this for nearly 3 yrs straight..i mean, life will be much more better if u've got a lot of friends.(bnyk btl peluang keemasan, ke perak kan yg sia lepas kan) buduh nya aku...

JerryInc said...

nda jugalah, i've been doing that (bercakap dan bergaduh sma diri sendiri) practically my whole life haha.

when you're used to being alone or a loner, having alot of friends can sometimes feel like a burden :)...nah kan, trus menyesal semua urang jadi kawan sa :P