Tuesday, June 24, 2008

life and music...

imagine a world without sounds, music and colors...a world of only black and white with a touch of grey in between and a world where the only sounds that can be heard are the deafening static of silence. quite frightening isn't it? well, it makes us wonder what exactly the blind sees and deaf hears because if what they see and hear are exactly what i imagined, i haven't been thankful enough of what the Maker above has granted me..:).

Music has always been an integral part of my growing up and i couldn't imagine a world without music. being a geek and a loner during my younger days, i didn't have much to look forward to and my only trusted companions on these solitary times were my books, sketch book and definitely music.

i used to listen to different kind of tunes according to my mood swings; i would blast my radio with hard rock when i get pissed off, play the jazz or ballads when i feel calm or content, slow rock when i feel lonely and melancholic, and the classicals when i feel in need of inspiration :).

but even with my interest in music, i have no talent in singing or playing any musical instruments hahaha. i did sign up for a piano lesson earlier this year, but due to my work schedule i decided to let it go...but i might probably take it up again since a friend has offered to personally be my tutor (with a price of course hehe). though i've never heard her play before, but since she has been giving piano lessons for quite sometime i trust that she is good as they say, it's just a matter of time hehe :).

Happy moments...

man...what am babbling at this early morning? hehe. anywho...good morning peeps!! :)

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