Thursday, July 3, 2008

need a break? grab a shithead hahaha

1Borneo wasn't how i expected it to be, probably the fact that it's not fully operational yet played a role in my perception or the maybe i'm just not a fan of big malls :). personally i think, the place is a bit dull and there isn't any interesting places to go or things to do (except for the cinema :)).

yup, went to the cinema again last night..was just too curious to see how the place and crowd looks like and frankly, aside from it's spacious seating and everything new, it's more or less the same as the other cinemas around :). but one thing i loved about the place was, it lacks people woo hoo hehehe (good for me but bad for business hehehe).

Right after work i drove straight to GSC1Borneo to catch up with the 6.30pm show, the Incredible Hulk. since i arrived quite early, and after getting the tickets for the 6.30pm and 9.20pm show, i decided to take a long walk at the mall (hey, i had 45minutes to waste!! hehe) and do some window shopping. okay, the mall was huge...very huge and it was quite scary to think of the number of crowds when this place is fully operational...just thinking about it gives me the shivers hehehe. back to the movies. After watching the first episode of Incredible Hulk, i decided to keep an open mind and be neutral to their latest edition. in more ways than one, the cinematography this time is somewhat different than the previous Hulk movie but more better :). i kinda liked the beginning right to the middle part as it got a bit boring...but the excitement excalated as it neared the end with the fight between the two monsters, oh..and Johnny Stark appeared as a cameo at the end as well :).

well, out of 5 stars i would probably accord the movie 3 stars only cos it was predictable, a typical comic adaptation movie, least the special effects were good and compared to the last Hulk movie, the movie this time resembles more in the comics, and that's the important thing :).

my next movie was Get Smart..well, i didn't really read through the review before watching the movie cos i wanted to watch Doomsday, so i had no idea what the movie was about (dont ask me why i suddenly decided to change my mind hehe). so when the movie played and the intro started playing, a sense of familiarity hit me, the tranporting public phone, the air lock doors and lastly the number names.

all throughout the movie i tried recalling where have i seen this kinda show but only after Maxwell Smart spoke through his phone shoes i realized this was another adaptation of a 70's or 80's popular tv show (i think most 80's babies would've seen it sometime in their life hehe) but i still couldnt recall the title hehehe. i kinda remember the original hero of the show, a poker face dude with a nasal speech (is there such a thing? hehe). oh and they had Masi Oka (the guy who played Hiro in the tv series Hero hehe), but he only played a small role in the movie..sad hehehe.

it was good, but wasn't exactly great, it was funny but not too hilarious and i would give them 3.5 stars :). my main focus wasn't on the movie though, one thing attracted me to it was because of Anne Hathaway. She's a bomb :). she's got that look of classic elegance and sophisticated beauty, ohh..and she has nice abs and legs too and other stuff hehehe. i think i've watched each and every one of the movies she has acted in and it's abvious she is set to be among the biggest stars in hollywood (well, she is now isn't she?).

by the time i got home, it was already 11.30am. and as i lay on bed, i reflected on my alone time at the mall (yeah..i was alone hehe). i realised's not so bad being a lonely bastard after all...:).

ps: Will be watching 'Hancock' tonight either at 7.15pm or 9.30pm...only at GSC1Borneo hehehe

okaerinasai Jerry-kun :)

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