Friday, July 4, 2008

lessons in movies..

it's 1.46am, and i just got back from drinking at a pub alone and somewhat pardon if i sounded a bit incoherent hehehe..nonetheless, i will tell you what i've been doing the whole day...well, the best of i know how (am somewhat intoxicated okay!! hehe)

i finally had a chance to watch Kung Fu Panda, and i expected something better for a cartoon :). hey, i'm a cartoon and anime fan, so do ignore me when i say.., kung fu panda isnt as exciting as everyone says. the humors were good, but was just a cartoon. even nemo and happy feet are many times better than this! hehe. the only thing i learned from the movie was, to believe in ourselves cos we alone can make the change (yeah..tell me what i dunno :)). at least the other movie compensated the lack of excitement :p.

didn't expect Hancock to be a love story..and when i watched the trailer, i couldn't really tell what it was about. i expected something which came out from marvel comics and boy, was i wrong :).

it wasn't exactly a love story per se, there were other elements in it such as will power, trust, belief and bonding. the few things i learned from the movie was:

1. everyone needs at least one person to believe in them, to be there for them, not only during the good times but also their darkest hour.
2. friends are people who would be there for you and show you the right way. tell you that you stink when others say you doesn't :).
3. we control our own fate, etc..etc :)

but i liked the part when Charlize Theron explained who and what they were they were. she said that they were made in pairs and no matter how far apart they are, the other half would always be nearby. they're invisible when they are apart, but when they're together..their power would gradually weaken and become mortal.

in literal sense, there is some truth to it. when you've finally found that one person who is meant for you, no matter how far you go or no matter how many years have passed, the other half is bound to find you again, the attraction would never fade. and love makes a person vulnerable, a feeling so weak that you would be lost and confused at what to do, the only thing that would make sense in the confusion is your better half.

anyhow, went for a drink right after the movie. went to hunters and listen to the in house band serenade the patrons with renditions of jazz, slow rock, ballads and reggae. it was a good change from the usual karaokeing, at least there were less people and those who came seemed decent so my lone session didn't feel a bit awkward :).

had about 5 cans of stout before heading home and frankly speaking..i didnt think 5 cans would get me this drunk hehehe..

crap...what the hell am i babbling here again now hehe...goodnite peeps...

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