Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what's up? :)

i need more sleep!!! that's all i wanted to say hehe. woke up quite early today (quite? that's an understatement for someone whose hobby is sleeping!!!), say at 4.45am. needed to be at the hotel by 6.00am since there's a photoshoot going on at the club. the shoot ended pretty quick though, by 8am we're already done, which is good actually..if only my office hours starts at 8.00am!!! dang...

yeah, i had about an hour to burn, but instead of going back to the office and start working 60 minutes earlier than usual, i decided to do something else..drove to Tuaran town and got my headlight and brake light fixed, yeah and fueled up. okay replacing the bulbs cost me about RM5..which is quite unexpected..but when i fueled up, i realized that a full tank for Kancil is about RM60 (and gauge meter didn't even point to the max), wtf!! it used to be around RM40 for a full tank, the RM20 makes a lot of difference. then again, was quite glad i didn't get myself a new ride cos i've been thinking about it since early this year :).

normally, i wouldn't mind having my meals alone..but today, i felt like having a company so i called up Sabas and we had breakfast at one of the Chinese shop around. then again, another reason i looked him up was because i needed to pay him the registration fee of a direct marketing thingy i enrolled as his downline hahaha. will blog more on that someday when i have fully grasped their business mechanism hehehe.

okay...a friend asked me last night what's new with me. been quite sometime since anyone asked me that question and in a way...i was flattered, my reply was 'biasa2 jak..'. can you see the egoistical answer i gave out without giving it much thought hahaha. yeah, i was proud...what i wanted to say was 'well, life sucks..but i'm coping'. but if i were to tell him that, he would start grilling me with the details (or probably annoy me with his nonchalant attitude) and i'd rather keep things to myself than get sympathised or ignored hahaha.

so what's up with me? well...'besa2 jak lah' hahaha. but i'll be moving back with my cousin in Sepanggar (confirmed) by next week, and i won't be going out as much as i have been (not that it matters anymore :p) especially on weekdays (too far from town and the fuel hike is taking its toll hehe). no more internet-ing at nights and will be spending most of my time after work probably with badminton and the playstation (yeah..and books as well :P) haha.

life is good only gets worse when you expect more from it :). deal with it realistically, let it progress naturally and everything will definitely fall into place :). another lesson learned...

ps: just got my renewed road tax after it expired in March hahaha. it was delayed cos i wanted to synchronise it with the car insurance hehehe, am getting a bit tired going out in big groups, right now am looking forward to hanging out with only 2 or 3 pax per group..big group gives me the headache, too much effort in trying to understand what's going on in their heads :).

good morning peeps :) hehe...

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