Wednesday, September 24, 2008

you don't wanna be reading this hehehe :P..

a colleague and i had a short discussion on a topic everyone might be interested in...'SEX' hahaha. i normally wouldn't talk about this in public or give into lengthy details either, but today, i just felt like loosening up hehehe.

we were looking at pictures taken by Louise Pang here at our resort and one of the picture is a couple embracing each other on the beach..kissing..and she blurted out 'lucah' which means obscene. i wasn't pissed off or anything when i heard the remark, but i retaliated by saying 'if you think this is obscene, then you must think sex is as well'..

'yeah, sex is obscene'

'no, it's only obscene if you think it is'

'no, sex is obscene but not love making'

'what's the difference lah?'
i said, and she gave out this explanation in relation to human emotion..duh hahaha, which i then replied 'yes i agree, but putting aside those lovey dovey factor, love making and sex still requires two people performing coitus, or simlpy saying two naked people enjoying each others' warmth and you know..satisfaction/s hahaha' (yeah, i did laugh at my own answer reply hehe). she didn't reply though, probably because she knew i could get her at anything she throws at me hahaha.

the only reason i wanted to defend the picture was because i find it kinda romantic, (hey, i can be romantic aa hehe) stimulating but most of all, envious haha. yeah, i dont think i would have the guts to do it in public :P.

anyhow, i don't blame her for having that perception cos i once looked at it the same way (that was like ages ago!! hehe) and i do understand what she meant when she said 'sex is only to be acted with the one person which matters the most' (a bit subjective right, one person could perceive everyone as the 'one' depending on their attributes..that's why affairs and monogamy exists).

now, there is a difference with having sex with an acquaintance, a stranger and with someone we really care the most:

a)the acquaintance/s
- casual sex, no feeling involved and after each session, we'd like to zip it up and make record of the statistics hehehe.

b) the stranger/s
- no feeling's involved, wild but most of the time, it would turn out to be a great session hahaha..

c) the 'one'
- passionate, slow, and damn satisfying compared to any other sessions. and the best part is the after sex chat and cuddling hehehe.

there's also the break-up sex, make-up sex and the less known get-over sex. the break up and make up sex usually walks hand in hand and the get-over sex is a separate entity. the only reason someone goes for the latter is only because they need to have something which could override the best thing they once had..and to have someone to hold on to even if it's just sex haha.

now, there're pros and cons to this 'get-over sex':

pros - good for ego, sex is better cos you don't seem to care much about anything but your own satisfaction, they would look for you over and over again for the great service provided hahaha

cons - they start being clingy, and only look for you for whenever they feel like being raunchy haha. bout' that, another lesson in sin from an idiot hehe

ps: i think i was lucky enough to have analyzed and noticed the situation earlier..or else i would be stuck in something difficult to get away from :). and if anyone of you thinks that being promiscous or sleeping around according to your whim is a great experience..think again peeps. it's no fun at all, trust me :)..


cLaiRe said...

haha..tell me about it.

JerryInc said...

hahaha, want me to show you instead? hahaha (that didn't come out right hahaha)

eSKay said...

eh.. alamak.. mcm sia kacau ja sini.. hihihihi

JerryInc said...

owh Sel, nda..the more the merrier bah. tu lah derang panggil orgy tu hahahahahaha (nah kan, mau gila suda hahaha)

hushMONKEY said...

orgy... definitely NOT my thng... 1on1 is much d better... at least ada focus... hahaha!

"a)the acquaintance/s
- casual sex, no feeling involved and after each session, we'd like to zip it up and make record of the statistics hehehe." ~ mcm sy terasa pula ne tao... yg part statistics tu mcm pedih sket mata sy baca... hahaha!

JerryInc said...

wakakaka...tu description khas utk ko baitu Riq. kidding :)

hushMONKEY said...

hahaha! mentang2 la i posted the list duuulu... well, at least i count kan... hahaha!

cLaiRe said...

show me the real thing baby...hahaha

Wel^Beiolman said...

Sia harap2 ada final statement dr ko jerry...yg mana satu ko ni..haha..tuba yg penting tu jerry..atau mcm suda 3 kali pusing tu round about..haha

JerryInc said...

hushmonkey: good think you know your numbers lah hahaha

Claire: marilah hahaha

Wel: sa pun masi terpikir2 bah ni..mau 1 on 1 atau orgy hahahaha