Monday, June 22, 2009

beautifully confused...:)

dreams, my way of escaping reality has been a big help for as long as i can remember. it's either an eye opener (rarely) or confusing (mostly) but regardless of which one is which, it's always pleasurable.

but my dreams hasn't been occuring as often as it used to or as it should be, or maybe i may have been dreaming but seem to have forgotten about it the moment reality weighed itself on me upon waking up :).

but last night, i had one of the weirdest dreams which had me refreshed and feeling good. i can't really recall what it was, but i do remember it as snippets of events... short glimpses of different events being woven into a dream, like a quilt made from different materials.

like i said, i couldn't make out what i dreamt about but the confusion sure feels damn good as if i am bound to experience nothing but good things in the near future :).

am rambling now aren't i, can't help it though...i FEEL DAMN GOOD! hahaha. ciao

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