Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a reminder...

"the morning sky is depressingly dark...but i like, it has a sense of tranquility amidst the chaos :)...", reads my facebook status message this morning. literally, it means exactly what was written. but its significance lies within the obvious.

for two days, i managed to confuse my fragile mind with unnecessary or irrelevant thoughts, ideas, assumptions, theories etc etc to the point of being deprived of a restful slumber. none of it was important, but things keep popping up in my head one thing after the other.

but as i was sitting at my desk looking through the window right across me, i could see the leaves rustling due to the strong wind and suddenly heavy rain started pouring down. in that instant, i realized that things aren't as bad and if they aren't as bad then definitely it couldn't get any worse :).

i'm not saying i've been on a string of bad lucks, no..nothing of that sort. it's just that there are times when we take granted of the things around us or moments when we successfully convinced ourselves the good things we have now should be better than how it is, that we failed to appreciate the little things in life. put it simply, i have a good life (to say the least) and everything seems to be in order...but deep down inside, i've always wanted more than what i'm having now. it may be greed or it may be a desire to be better which brought this kind of thinking, but whichever it is, as long as i'm doing it right than there's nothing to complain about..right? :).

i know i've said this before, but regardless of the repetitions, everyone seems to forget. so here i am again reminding everyone including myself to appreciate the little things because if the best things in life are free than the simple ones should be less complicated :).


cLaiRe Bennet said...

hmm...i wonder... ;) raindrops have these effect over me sometimes.

Wel^Beiolman said...

mcm mana ni jadi july 17 o..haha....ok ba jerryster kalu pikir mcm tu...atleast we know if we're making any good/bad progress towards better living as well better human being..hehe..

JerryInc said...

haha claire, thats the touch of mother nature bah tu hahaha

welster, one of my unpublished entrie bah ni hahaha. and very true indeed :)