Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dr. Ass in Practice haha

last night was another one of the many nights i went drinking alone again (yeah i know it's pathetic, but hey..gimme a break will you haha). and as i was seating minding my own business and ignoring everyone who were entering the premise, i suddenly got a hug from behind. it was a friendly hug and a bit childish and i couldn't turn my head around to see who it was but i noticed there was a girl standing beside me, smiling slyly...a stranger and my mind went into hyper speed making calculations based on the height and strength of the hug and only one person came to mind, a pal who i seem to have forgotten. frankly speaking, i was a bit disappointed..wasn't exactly the person i was hoping for, but was still a hug hahaha.

"yo dude, what're you doing here?!" he asked...

"i should be asking you the same question" i replied with my usual laugh

"didn't expect to see you here and i missed you..been wanting to look you up" in a sudden change in tone of voice and i could tell he really did..

"hey well, what's the use of technology, a short text message would suffice" laughing trying to clear the gloom.

"i texted you on your birthday and you didn't reply, i thought you were too busy"

"what?!! that's like about 3months ago. grow up dude haha. but truth be told, i kinda forgot about you and everyone else..." smirking at my own reply. "so, is this the infamous girlfriend you've been telling me about?"

an exchange of awkward glances happened in a split second between them "noooo..she's just a friend, my senior in high school.."

"owh...", feeling a bit awkward for about a second there and then they took their seats putting me in the middle...

"so, you and your girlfriend are still together?" i asked

"yeah..more or less. we are having toubles, that's why i needed to speak to you. oh and you're still drinking here alone? you haven't change dude" he laughed

i smiled, and i knew where this was going. so we talked about all the shit he was going through, the stuff that has happened and finally, my advice to him was...

"dude, i've told you before didn't i. both of you are still young (literally in their early 20s), and there are a lot of room for changes. you're taking your relationship too seriously, you have to loosen up a little. you can't be controlling her, especially now she's in uni. let her do whatever she wants, as long as she doesn't overstep the boundries. you can't be telling her not to do this or that, let her enjoy life, she's in uni for heaven's sake..she needs to loosen up as well. all you can do is just support whatever she's doing, if you think she's doing something wrong then just tell her off but not in a condescending manner. at least if things didn't work out between the both of you, she would remember you as her loving and supporting ex"

"but what about the promises we made before she left? doesn't it mean anything to her?"

"geez dude, next time come up with a more realistic promises. you're not 15 or 17 year olds anymore.... grow up. honestly dude, the ball is in her court and she's on the winning side. all you can do now is just 'makan hati' (i have no idea how to translate that in english hahaha). if there is such a thing as a sacrifice in a relationship, this would be yours" smiling unconvincingly.

"you know what, i hate it when you tell me stuff like these"

"yeah, well...maybe you're just perverted cos you keep coming back for more", i thought but just gave him an approving smile instead..

i know that it's much easier said than done, heck, based on my track records of past relationships, i'm not even qualified to give out any advices hahaha. but i tell as how i see it, no sugar coating or any form of sweet words..just being my obnoxious self hahaha. but seriously, i would be left with guilt whenever i do give out these kinda stuff, not knowing whether my advices made sense or the thought that it may backfire can be quite's that for an ugly truth :)

"life isn't always sweet and cosy...remember that..."

ciao peeps...


Fridaycat said...

"Makan hati"? Hmm...Literally it means 'eat liver' lah but I guess you could say, "Take it with a pinch of salt and keep it locked inside until it consumes your inner being".

....Ok nmind, 'makan hati' will suffice.

JerryInc said...'re complicated hahaha. but thanks, will definitely keep that in mind :)

Wel^Beiolman said...

ui..dr love suda ba ko sekarang ni kan..haha..

Anonymous said...

kah kah kah.. catchy title!

btw the comment box asked me to type this as the characters verification: it was MINSLUT

JerryInc said...

Wel: the crap with that hahaha
Zeno: hahaha, mcm obscene jglah bunyi dia hahaha

cLaiRe Bennet said...

:) good advice pun tu.

now let's see what's my word veri.... *igovehel? wtf. hahaha

JerryInc said...

we'll see if it backfires, klu nda, then it's good lah hahaha

ogivehel? yeah, wtf indeed hahaha