Thursday, October 22, 2009

missing the years....

'Hi Jeremy, so how are you faring with your new job at XXXX hotel. We have a vacancy as PR Manager and i was wondering if you're interested' read the text message from an unknown number.

'Hi, would you mind introducing yourself?', i replied, just being careful in my correspondence. The reply didn't come in the next 30mins, but i was kinda flattered when it did. it was a direct call from the Director of Sales & Marketing, and the best part is that i didn't even send out my resume to them.

'May i sleep on it for a couple of days, i can't rush into any decisions right now'

'sure, but don't sleep on it too long'

and i literally slept on it for 2 days, not really thinking about it. the offer sounded good, higher pay (should be more than what i'm getting), a promotion and close to my bachelor's pad. but that's just it, i wasn't inclined on taking up the post. if the offer came few months prior, maybe, just maybe i would've accepted it, but i just started at a new place and i have yet to learn the ropes and i'm not going to give up until i've proven about an inflated ego hahaha. besides, i have a great boss and there are many things i can learn from her :).

anyhow, on another note...i'm kinda missing my buddies and mates in Kuching, been awhile since i last saw them. seems like they've finally 'matured' to being reliable people, including the bikers gang who actually hated my guts (i think) for being too blunt in my words and actions.

the bikers used to give me the 'i'm gonna get you someday' glance all the time, and i would retaliate with 'the hell you could' glance hahaha. i understand that i can be a sarcastic, blunt and a straigthtforward jerk some time (well okay, most of the time hahaha), and i don't do well with idiotic or unjustified threats.

there was this one time when i nearly crossed the line with them. in one of my speeches during our election period for the student body council (which i was forced to compete in), i was interrupted with annoying outbursts and laughter by the gang and i knew they were mocking me, but i just kept my cool. but the nervousness of being on stage combined with a bunch of fixated eyes which felt like they could bore a hole in my brain just by glaring wasn't doing much good, and i finally snapped at the gang like a teacher would to his students, 'if you guys dare, come up to this stage!', well okay, i said it in Malay 'kalau kamu semua berani, naik atas pentas lah!' (or something like it hahaha). the gang got quite, all eyes were fixated on them and i really thought i was gonna get it this time hahahaha. at the end of the election, i got the highest ballots (about 90% votes from all the students muahahaha) and was in the line to be the next student body council president only to become the vice president because of religion (which i don't really mind :P).

but in time, the bikers started hanging out with me (and i thought there may be an ulterior motive), got me to participate in the group activities (which i rarely do because i still like the privacy of my own home) and started opening up with their problems. unknowingly, i was actually helping them in whatever way i can (mostly in academics) and they were looking out for my back, so it was a win-win situation for both sides :).

as i went through their pictures in facebook, it seems like they have since discarded their bikers gang persona and being more open and approachable to new people. and i couldn't help but feel happy for them. man, i do miss them a lot :).

geez, i'm rambling like an old man aren't i? hahaha, the hell with it! ciao :P

a) being in one of the kompang troupes in my early semester (yes, i 'used' to know how to beat the kompang haha). man, i look young :)

b) I don't play the game, was just their manager for moral support (i think haha)
c) The batch who broke tradition, made a difference and became the role models for the juniors :)

d) the last hang out :)


cLaiRe Bennet said...

hehehe..kau yang skema la ni kan dlu2...ya ka? :D

JerryInc said...

skema? mana ada, yg paling sempoi adalah...laid back and very cool, sbb sa nda pun peduli urg lain hahaha

Lissa Dolly said...

itu namanya palui bukan cool

JerryInc said...

hahaha, cool lah bah erti dia tu

Joy said...

awwwwww my big bwotha missing his wittle fwensssssss....

hahahhaha! xD

JerryInc said...

budu ko joy hahaha