Saturday, January 8, 2011

the single's pressure

okay, all i can say is that...the pressure is on! :)

mom called up a few days back and it started off with the normal caring mother's conversation, until the topic came up. i don't know how it happened, the next thing i knew,she was asking me 'when are you going to tie the knot?. everyone around you are'.

at that moment, i was lost for words but i did manage to blurt out my rare awkward laughter (it only comes out when i'm caught off guard) haha.

but here's a thought. my mom does have a point, i should start looking for a potential life partner right now...i mean, no one's getting any younger right? :). the only problem is, as much as i want to be in a relationship and have someone to come home to at the end of the day, i just don't feel like being in one. i'm quite happy with where i am now without the insecurities of being in a (probably) complicated commitment haha.

i realize that there's a chance that i might be happy, but i'm not really sure how to cope with sharing my life with someone else when i've been living mine being practically alone (but not lonely haha) all these while.

i mean, being in a relationship for fun and being in one for good are two different things. furthermore, i'm not (or at least i dont think) a romantic guy. i wouldn't know what to do to please someone and besides, i would rather rely on my rationality and logic rather than being guided by something unsubstantial like emotions. in other words, i'm a selfish guy with a lesson learned :p.

but if i were to look for someone, i would rather be with someone:
a) smart
b) witty
c) outgoing (ability to get along with my friends and family is vital)

and i would love to say pretty, but that would just make me shallow minded wouldn't it? what can i say, i do have an eye for beautiful stuff hahaha. so being good looking would be a plus.

so, how'd i came up with the criteria above? simple, all of it are the things that i'm not :). so am i that pressured to the point that i should be out there looking for someone else, nah..not really. i think i can still hold it off for a couple of years before i truly consider of settling down :D.

in the mean time, i need to head to the kitchen and prepare my dinner. hmmm, what should i cook on a saturday night? :)

cheers :p


Joan said...

take ur time bah...dun rush life..hehe

Claire said...

Nda pyh la cari ba Jerry...kalau smpi masa dia'll meet her. :) Lagipun apa jg masalah dia kalau lelaki yg kawin lambat??kau mau beranak kah??ahahaha

JerryInc said...

Joan/ Claire: sa nda kisah. masalah dia klu mama suda campur tangan mimang nda abis2 kena tanya trus tu hahaha