Thursday, January 6, 2011

what's in the name?

people, especially the Chinese have high regards for a good given name. in some cultures, it is believed that the name would shape a person (yeah, i pity those who were born into these shallow minded cultures haha). while others, although the name doesn't make a person, believes that a good name is able to bring recognition and it good or bad haha.

anyway, much to everyone's experience, we go along our life with other names aside from the one given by our parents or whatever was written on our birth certificate. these secondary names exists as a nick name or due to special features or characteristics or sometimes just for the sake of it.

take me for example, my given name is Jeremy. but over the years i've accumulated enough secondary names that i think i could name my sons with it hahahaha.

Names that i answer to can be categorised into family, friends, colleagues and others;


a) Jerry
b) Lo
c) Lops
d) Lopak (only in Kitobu :D)
e) Giruk (only in Ranau :D)
* for b-d, only extremely close family members are allowed to call me by those names. so if you're not family and have a death wish, try calling me that. well okay, i won't slit your throat open or cut out your tongue, but you'll be totally ignored :D


a) Jerry
b) Jer
c) Jere
d) Jeer


a) Jem
b) Jere
c) Jeer
d) Jay
e) JK
f) KC
g) JC
h) Kabin

My Ex-Boss (and i take the nicks as terms of endearment haha):

a) Koguts
b) Gringo


a) Justin
b) Gary
c) John
d) Pok (only from a handful of my Sarawakian friends)
e) Steve
(don't ask me why how'd this happened. they just said i looked like anyone one of the names hahaha)

if i had only finished my sunday school's confirmation class, i would've chosen Jethro as my second name. in all the biblical names, his was the coolest although one of the most insignificant characters hahaha.


Claire said...

Kau lupa kan Jerryster! HUH!

JerryInc said...

ya bah kan, sa lupa owh. ok lah, sa add di sini.

Clarester/ Welster (only):
a) Jerryster

haha. bulikah? hahahaha

Claire said...

Bulih! hahaha