Friday, April 18, 2008

accident prone..

just got in the office with a throbbing hangover..geez, i regret going out drinking last night. anyhow, my solo nite out was kinda good. been nearly a month since i had any alcohol in me :).

anyway, the outing could've ended worse. was practically drunk to the point of not being coherent in my conversations and nearly had an accident. yeah, you read right..i was in a potentially life threathening self imposed accident..good thing i was driving a 4 wheeler instead of my kancil :).

i dont quite remember how it happened but i knew i was driving fast. probably turned the steering wheel too much to the side resulting the vehicle to get on the island and finally made a partial 180 turn on the other eh haha.

honestly, i didnt panic the least..i think i was composed enough to be in control of the wheel, or maybe i was too spaced out with what happened my body went into auto mode and handled the situation by itself to minimise or avoid more damage haha.

well, this isn't exactly the first time i've been in this kinda situation. my first accident i had was when i was 17, few days after receiving my driver's license :). we were driving an old convertible (well, i was driving hehe) when suddenly i lost focus driving downhill. i lost control of the wheel and my cousin was thrown out from the car several yards away while i was still stuck in my seat in the overturned car. i remember crawling out from the car feeling a bit asphyxiated, frankly..i couldnt breath at all due to the impact of having slammed my chest on the steering wheel.

i didnt really care about what happened to us, i was more concerned with the condition of the car haha. i saw my cousin sitting on the road looking a bit lost and i think he was trying to catch his breath as well and from the look in his eyes, he seemed very distant as if everything around him doesnt register. remember the overturned car which i crawled out from...well, this might sound weird..i managed to lift the car and put it back on its wheels, and i dont remember how exactly i did it haha.

within 15 minutes, people began to crowd the place. so we left the car there, took the minibus home (the people in the minibus was giving us the look, but who wouldnt...we had visible wounds and blood on us haha). the moment i reached my house, i came up to my mom who was in the kitchen cooking and said 'mom, i was in an accident', let her take a glimpse of how i looked like and went straight to my room.

my cousin on the other hand had more drama with his family. everyone was panicking but he kept his cool, his parents even took him to the hospital for a thorough check up haha. anyway, i was still in pain, there was pain on my chest and ribs and i had a bad headache as well and all these persisted for quite sometime. i didnt come out from my room for several days, didnt even go to a checkup cos i didnt dare to face my parents hehe.

well, i managed to drive home safely though. looking back, most of the accidents i had happened while intoxicated. nothing bad hasnt happened yet, but if this continues, pearly gates(or in my case the hellmuth) would definitely be calling :).

am tired and extremely dizzy..will write more afterwards :)

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