Thursday, April 24, 2008

life in rambles

Going through life thinking everything will turn out fine if we just do as what we're being told to or do everything by the book is nothing more than living in a prison of our own doing. there are so many things out there that are yet to be discovered. i've said this once too many that life is not meant to be understood but to be enjoyed. the enjoyment in itself lies in the process of discovering what life is all about and in order to do that, we have to try everything at least once.

yeah, life may suck most of the time, but it is up to us to make the best of we know how. you cant expect everything good to fall onto your lap just by sitting around doing nothing do you? haha. we should be out there in the open looking beyond the horizon for every good opportunities that may pass by, grab it by it's horns and make it one of our memorable life's experience.

sadly enough though, not everyone understands this notion. about 95% of the world's population are constantly seeking for that one thing which makes them complete, the very thing that brings meaning to their life. but in the process of searching, they lose sight of the little things which, when added up would make up for the whole item which they have been searching for.

life is strange, everybody experiences life in different levels and degrees. the way we perceive what life is depends on the person's perception of the things around him. some regards life as a temporary fun and a lifetime of suffering while others view life as plethoric and beautiful. in my case, i see life as a big blank canvas waiting to be filled up while we're the artists and our experiences are the colors. the canvas would only come out beautifully if we mix all the colors together regardless of whether they are ugly or unsightly because what makes it beautiful doesn't lie in the colors or what is drawn but more so the meaning it represents.

finding the answer behind the meaning of life is nothing but a waste of time. thousands and millions of years have passed since our earliest ancestors tried to justify the reason behind their existence, our existence. but up until now, no one has the answer to this life long questions and people will still be searching for the answer until the last man on earth returns to sand.

all we need to understand is that, life is unpredictable. the best thing we can do now is...just go with the flow and experience life as it is...

geez...rambling again hahaha.

ps: i have strange mood swings...i might write something similar in the future which contradicts everything which has been written here hahahaha. then again, who cares..this is just a rambling of some sort hehehe..

ciao peeps :)

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