Thursday, June 5, 2008

another retrospection...:)

there will be a time in our life when we look back and reflect at our life's journey, pondering on our achievements and the things we are still chasing for, and in that short period of contemplation we realize that we haven't exactly achieved or attained much of what we have been dreaming of.

Everybody dreams of becoming somebody prominent or just plain wealthy, or finding that one person whom we have been waiting for all these while. but when the chance to actually materialize these dreams, some of us might get cold feet...afraid of the repurcussions which may occur or getting out from the comfort zone is just too much of a hassle.

then again past experiences has a part in shaping our future by altering our perception of the things around us and changing our mindset to be more wary of our and everyone's next move. this in turn may either make or break us, depending on how we deal with the situations.

the question now or what exactly are we supposed to do in achieving or attaining what we've been waiting or dreaming of? simple, take a chance...there is a 50-50 chance of we either crash and burn or be prosper and happy. but one piece of advice, never let your guard down. if you have built a protective wall around yourself, don't take it down for temporary happiness because once it's down, you're vulnerable to any sudden attacks. and also, look deeply into yourself and get acquainted with the real you, who knows..they might have an insight of what is and isn't to every situation..

geez...pardon this latest entry, just had a short argument with one of my directors. hey, i may be a small fry in the company but i'm tired of doing last minute requests for them and after my long break, i've realized that the only way for me to go far in everything i do is to be a nasty geezer (was gonna say bitch, but the term just doesnt suit me muahahaha :). then again, i know my boundaries when to argue and when to keep shut, as long as i'm right..i dont mind fighting for it..

ciao peeps..

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