Wednesday, June 4, 2008

trust and jealousy...

trust is a two way street and vitally important for every relationships to work out. without it, all sorts of problems may arise which may result in an ugly ending. but how exactly does trust works? well, for starters, learn to they say, sharing is caring (yeah right...).

one thing that is certain to surface with the lack of trust are the insecurities and most of all jealousy a.k.a the green eyed monster (but not to be confused with envy). with every secrets kept and minimal explanations to the dubious or questionable actions, the green eyed monster is bound to crawl out from the abyss and plant seeds of insecurities poisoning the mind with non-existent facts and wild imaginations contrary to what actually transpired.

come to think of it, it's only natural for a human to have this ugly feeling. if the heavenly beings can be subjected to it which led to their fall from grace, it is definitely acceptable for a human to succumb to the emotion itself.

so how do we overcome it? well, trust is a two way street.. which means it takes two people to make it work. share your thoughts and actions with your loved one, tell them what is exactly in mind and keep any secrets at a minimum and safe level, we don't have to share everything because people or human in general are intrinsically secretive so the least that every couple should do is to add a dash of honesty in whatever they are doing. it is relatively easy to act on it.. when you're really in love with your better half, but it can be somewhat complicated if you doubt your own self.

don't be afraid to say out what you really feel inside or what you really think because when two people are in love, everything they say, do or think matters to each other even the tiniest and seemingly irrelevant ones. Bear in mind that love knows no boundaries and it's blind, everyone would seem perfect in the eyes of their loved ones irregardless of how ugly, fat, short etc etc you are because if they can't accept who you really are, they definitely are not looking at you in your entirety.

then again, look at the bright side...when your better half is jealous, it only shows how much they care for you because if they don't..hmm, it could probably mean they don't love you as much as you think they do :). brain is not getting enough oxygen due to the grogginess of being sleepy hehehe, so pardon this entry. i'm not even qualified to talk about stuff like this hahaha..

buenas noches pueblos :)

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