Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hungover rantings...

awww man, i hate going to work with a hangover. everything seems to be a blur and the mind isn't at its best. damn it. coming back to work with piled up stuff to do after a long holiday isn't helping as well hahaha. man..this sucks..

got drunk last night, after chugging 6 cans of stout and 2 cans of beer, my mind went to independent mode. hurtful words were said and dumb decisions were made, but do i regret it? frankly...not exactly although i am a bit doubtful of the decision. has happened and there's no point in retracting any of it.

i can be such an ass when i'm drunk. all my inhibitions seems to dissapear and i would make the grave mistakes of hurting or confusing other people with my words and actions. sucks...maybe i should quit drinking for the time being hehehe...

ciao peeps..need to look for a place to crash. i really can't work with a hangover hehe..

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