Tuesday, June 3, 2008

love sucks..big time...

"At the end of the day,
when it comes down to it,
all we really want is to be close to somebody.
So this thing where we all keep our distance
and pretend not to care about each other,
it's usually a load of bullshit.
So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to,
and once we've chosen those people,
we tend to stick close by.
No matter how much we hurt them.
The people that are still with you at the end of the day,
those are the ones worth keeping.
And sure, sometimes close can be too close.
But sometimes, that invasion of personal space,
it can be exactly what you need."

-Meredith of Grey's Anatomy

My junior in college posted this in my friendster's comments and she is darn right about one thing..this does remind me of myself, of who i was before and who i am becoming to be once again. been thinking about this for quite sometime but couldn't come up with the words to explain it.

everybody out there is always looking for that somebody to care, somebody to share their happy and sad moments with. but finding that somebody is never that easy...even when you think that somebody is the one for you, life always has their own weird and perverted ways of twisting things around. you may think you're in love and being loved in return, and you may think that you're the only person which matters to that person only to find out in the end that we are just victims of lies and deceptions.

sometimes being in love can be painful, and the pain is more hurtful than any other physical injuries. and as time goes by, we learn to handle the pain and hurt our own way and the best way of doing it is by ignoring everything and pretend everything else doesn't matter. in time, we distance ourselves from anyone and avoid any kind of relationships because of the fear of getting hurt again.

but being ignorant wouldn't stop what we truly feel inside cos no matter how hard we try to ignore everything, we just can't lie to ourselves. yeah, we may be able to deceive everyone around but never ourselves.

experience has shown me the ugly sides of a relationship, and contemplating about it every minute of the day has made me a wiser person. i now know that if a person can't express what they truly feel for you, than get yourself out of the relationship. there's no point being in a relationship when deep down you know you're not getting the attention and affection you should be getting. and if that person says that they're incapable of showing any form of affection, do not prolong the relationship any longer. be strong and forget about what happened in the past and start looking into the future, dont blame yourself for the failed relationship if you know you've done your best to show how much you really cared for that person cos it takes two to make a relationship work.

anyway, letting go is never easy...but we need to realize that's the best thing to do for everyone's happiness. loving someone requires sacrifices, and if you really do care about that person..just let them go and wish for their happiness and never look back at your own decision..

hmm..this is too early for an emotional entry isn't it :)

so long and goodbye..

ciao peeps...

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