Friday, May 9, 2008

of pretense and masquerades...

life is full of pretenses and masquerades, just looking at the obvious is not enough to get the accurate details..we need to look beyond at what is presented in front of us. most of us has been conditioned to project what other people wants to see, leaving our own desire or need left unattended and after a period of time, we get better at putting up a facade for everone else to see at the expense of our own need.

look at the people around you, look at the ones with their smiles on their face, their joyful laughter..are they really at ease with themselves or are they hiding beneath their sanguine appearances?

Wouldn't it be easier for everyone if they just say out what needs to be said and not keep it all inside? then again, people are just not to be trusted when it comes to words. most likely everything that comes out from their mouth are just lies to serve their own purpose, their own need. they may say one thing and suddenly have a change of heart or opinion in just a blink of an eye.

yeah, i believe that everyone has gone through that phase of being used, chewed and spitted out somewhere in their lifetime leaving us high and dry wondering what the hell happened. but who are we complain, it's all part of life's stupid journey to show us that life sucks and reality bites, to prove to us all that anger and hatred can overcome love and all those yucky mushy stuff that everyone is searching for.

but should that be our basis to hate our fellow human beings? heck no, after all we are humans as well. but what we can do to differentiate us from the rest is to believe in ourselves and live life according to how we want to without involving anyone else because face one wants to know what we do. besides, why would our lives be of any interest to them when they have their own life to live. it's just their ploy to get close to you for a chance to hurt you or to compare whose life is more pathetic...

it's not easy to get away from all these pretenses and masquerades because we are humans and there's no way a human can get far without any other human contact, not unless you're out there in the middle of nowhere practising your meditation OR DEAD hehe. there's no other way to deal with it but just to ignore them entirely and live our own life the way we want to.

hmm...i do sound a bit resentful of people dont i? i dont actually, but past experiences has shown me that there's no one else we can trust but ourselves. listen to our instincts and act through rationality, dont give in to tempatation easily because what feels so right can sometimes be so wrong. question everything thats happening around us and be very wary of everyone and if you feel like the past is catching up to you and you know you cant fight it, the best thing you can do is to ignore them and look forward to tomorrow and the day after...

melancholy in the afternoon....stupid idiot... :)

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